Vintage 2015, 2nd of the 3 'Drought' Vintages

A total of 313 cases produced. Again, just like 2014, lack of water created a limited amount of high quality fruit; clusters harvested were on average, about 20% smaller in volume than a typical year. Dark Style has 4% Barbera and 4% Petite Sirah added as a blend.


To the Allocation Program, starting January 2018
At the Tasting Room, Febuary 1st 2018

Note: Almost all sold out, therefore, all 2015 vintage has been moved to RESEREVED STATUS and is now available only at the Draconis tasting room.

Vintage 2016
Last of the 3 'Drought' Vintages

A total of 620 cases produced, 2016 was another terrific year for Draconis. The Dark Style has 2.5% Barbera and 2.5% Merlot added as a blend.

Orginal Availability:

To the Allocation Program, started September 2018
At the Tasting Room, August 1st 2018

This vintage is featured as part of our main tasting flight.

Miscellaneous Information

Tasting Room Information

The Draconis Tasting Room is located at the Old Sugarmill in Clarksburg, CA. Please click the link below to a google map.

On parties of 6 or more, a reservation is required. You may use the contact form to let us know when you're planning a vist.

Preferred Allocation and Policy

Draconis offers a preferred wine allocation list. Our program is unique and provides a progressive discount.

Depending on your plan choice, you can reach a 50% maximum discount on Draconis wines.

Getting Wine Online and Shipping

Draconis does not offer an eCommerce-type wine shop. You can use the contact form to send us a note if you'd like some wine.

Please check out the ship-to map below to insure that the wine can be delivered to you.

Is the Wine Sold Anywere?

No. Draconis is only available in the tasting room or through an email to us.

You will not find us in restaurants or any wine shops.

Other Labels

There are two other labels made by Draconis Vineyards.

Roisin Dubh, (pronounced 'Roe-sheen Dove') is also available in the Draconis tasting room. These wines are made quicker, safer, and cost less than Draconis wines. Different variteals are available throughout the year. Currently, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel Rose are on the list for the Dubh.

Our third brand is Le Serre (pronounced 'Le Sair') and is available only to Old Sugarmill events at this time, such as weddings and corporate meetings. Please contact the Old Sugarmill event staff for inquiries about Le Serre for your occasion.

Donations and Event Participation

Sorry, Draconis does not provide wine for donation.

However, you can hire Draconis and staff for your event if you so desire - we have a range of fees that span most event requirements; please use the contact form below to inquiry.

Get in Touch

Please use the form below to send us a note. Our response time is usually pretty fast, but no longer than 12 hours.

While we appreciate all donation requests, Draconis DOES NOT provide wine for charitable events of any kind.

  • Tasting Room Address

    The Old Sugarmill

    35265 Willow Ave
    Suite 102-A
    Clarksburg, CA 95612
  • Located between Clarksburg Wine Co. and the Due Vigne tasting rooms inside the main hall.

  • Hours:

    • Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday until June.
    • After June, open 7 days a week.
    • Normal hours: Sat, Sun - 11am until 5pm
    • Weekday hours: Noon to 4pm
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