I certainly appreciate and am very thankful for all business that comes our way.   

I am now doing free doorstep deliveries in the following Sacramento-centric areas defined by the map below.  If you are unsure if you are part of the delivery circle, please shoot me an email and ask!  Places such as Elverta, Antelope, Davis, El Dorado Hills, South Elk Grove, and Rancho Murieta are available.  

Take a look at the map: 

Here's how it works: 

Choose the wine you want and write me an email with your request.  Include your telephone number and address.  I will respond and sync with you for payment. 


Then I will bring you your wine.  
When I bring it to you, I will leave it on your doorstep / porch, take a picture of the delivery, ring the bell and go back to the truck.  I will wait for 5 minutes for you to come out and get the wine.  After that, I drive away.  
  • All bottles are wiped down with Santizer
  • I wear blue nitrile gloves
  • Bags are directly from an new box received 5 weeks ago

This also applies to our wine program.  We are open on the weekends for bottle sales and wine pickups.  However, if you'd like your wine delivered by me, then send me the email and I'll add you to the weekly list. 

If you live outside the defined area, shipping is still provided at a modified rate.